Eladio Caritos

Bought a Thinkpad X220 on Ebay


I’ve worked on a Thinkpad T-series a few years after graduating from the University. I was side-hustling as a freelance web developer working on websites that dealt mostly with PHP and Java Servlets. I loved working on that Thinkpad. It was reliable and didn’t get in my way. I felt I could get in the zone a lot quicker back then. (Or maybe it was because I didn’t have four daughters interrupting me at home like I do now).

Ever since then, I’ve been a long time lurker of r/thinkpad for the longest time. I’d look at the images members would post on the site and reminisce abou the good times I’ve had with my past thinkpad and wonder when I would get another one.

The computers provided to me at work have ranged from Dells notebooks and Macbooks. They’ve been ok and when I got a Macbook for work, I thought I was in heaven. Up until recently, when I received a Macbook with those crappy keyboards. Oohh, how I hate that keyboard.

The crappy keyboard, the lack of ports that I have to carry a dongle everywhere, the new usb-c port. All of these finally led me to go to ebay and buy a 20 year old Thinkpad X220 for $90.